Caring that Your Art
Lasts Through the Ages

We specialize in cleaning and maintaining outdoor sculptures for private and public collections throughout the United States, including institutions, parks, businesses, and private homes.

Our Purpose

Without care, outdoor sculptures fall victim to various environmental elements and human interactions. Too often people think sculptures are supposed to turn green, or the colors fade. Many think areas of sculptures are supposed to have white dripping stripes or black spotted areas, because that’s how they are used to seeing them, but that’s corrosion, calcification and dirt! Outdoor sculptures should actually look like the day the collector brought the sculpture into their collection, especially bronze sculpture.

What is lacking in many outdoor sculpture collections is a yearly maintenance program. We at Sculpture Services of Colorado would like to help collectors maintain their valuable sculpture collections.

In our travels across the United States, we have noticed numerous outdoor sculptures in sad conditions where the original beauty and value of the sculptures have been diminished due to the lack of proper maintenance.

Mineral Deposits

Improper Cleaning Substances

Rust spots in stainless steel

paint that has oxidized


Tree Sap/Pollen/Mildew

Plugged Weep Holes

Bird droppings

Carbon Monoxide


These are just a few problems we’ve seen on outdoor sculptures. We can help the collector with all of these problems as the following before and after photos show.

Our Work




Siblings, Jo and David DeDecker, have been trained by conservators and professionals in the sculpture field; they follow the guidelines of sculpture maintenance in the US-GSA, the National Park Service, American Institute for Conservations of Historic and Artistic Works and the Getty Museum.

Jo, an art historian, and David, an artisan, have worked in the production of bronze sculptures for over twenty-five years. They are familiar with all aspects of the production of sculpture, from its earliest conception, production, completion, installation and finally, in protecting the sculpture’s integrity so that it reflects the beauty of the area it occupies.


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